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Monday, March 19, 2012


The  largest  Serbian  Exhibition  of  inventions  and  new  technologies  has  been  taking  place  in   Belgrade  for  32  years  in  continuity.  At  these  exhibitions  were  presented the first class world achievements  which  gave  the  great  contribution  to  development  of  the  Serbia  and the World science. The   Serbian   inventors    are    well    known    worldwide   as   the   creators   with   rich imagination and high level of inventive ideas.

In order to   enrich the content of our Exhibition and to enable the inventors from other countries to present   their achievements  at  this  large  manifestation of intellectual achievements, Indian innovators are invited  to  submit    registration   application   for  participation  at  the 32st  International Exhibition  
INVENTIONS  –  BELGRADE 2012,  that will  be  held  in  the Gallery of Centrally home Serbian Military, Brace Jugovica 19,
 Belgrade, Serbia.

Since March 2006., Belgrade Association of Inventors has  officially   become a  legal  member  of  IFIA.  Indian Innovators Association is Indian affiliate of IFIA. Indian Innovators interested in participation may write to or

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