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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

World Inventor Award Festival (WIAF) 2012 to be held on 15 DEC 2012 in Seoul, Korea

Established and directed by Korea Invention News, the award festival has put its focus on the importance of inventors behind intellectual property and innovative inventions for the advancement of worldwide industries and their national competitiveness. As well, discovering the valuable inventors who, in applying their technical, scientific and intellectual skills, have made major contributions as inventors to technological impact, economic growth and improvement in people’s daily life and society, giving the recognitions they deserve for their outstanding career of achievements and dedications with this year’s World Inventor Award Festival where the granted awards reflect their success and set sail as inventor exemplars, encouraging the future generation of inventors across the globe.

2012 AWARDS: 61 Inventor Orders of Merit to be presented in which each of them are singularly entitled from 16 different Merit Divisions & Foreign Special Awards at the WIAF 2012 award festival (ceremony) held on December 15 in Seoul, Korea.
Registration for Contest: FREE OF CHARGE (free document registration for entry in the competition!!)

Registration BY EMAIL : SUBMIT Registration Form to -->

Contact (English):
Moonsuk Chang
Director of International Co-operation |  +1 226 808 1468 

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