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Thursday, October 18, 2012


The European Commission (EC) is keen on enhancing the partnership with India in the ICT R&D domain  via the Framework Programme (FP). Several projects were funded under FP6 and again FP 7 was formulated with focused areas. Joint Working Group (JWG) also identified technology priority areas common to India and EU member states. Despite all this, doubt lingers what is a priority area for India? Identifying R&D projects of relevance to industrialized countries was relatively easier as the thrust was on State- Of- Art  (SOA) knowledge . Catching up economies like India the demand is for State- of-Market (SOM) technology and contours of SOM appear hazy.
Scenario writing, Expert opinion are some of the popular Technology  Forecasting (TF) techniques  and Delphi technique was widely used in Japan and USA. Dr Mary Mathew of IISc has taken up this study and came up with a set of expert opinion using Delphi. The process is more important than the result and I feel this process gives much better insights than typical committee meetings. This study by Dr Mary Mathews is one of the few Indian cases on Delhi and a must read for all those interested in TF.
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