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Monday, November 05, 2012

Avaz (India Edition) is now available as an app for the iPad on the App Store

AVAZ is an innovative communication aid for children with speech-related disabilities, such as autism, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Aspergers, mental retardation, and other developmental delays . Avaz has received prestigious awards from the President of India, MIT USA, Times Now and Sankalp Forum, among others. Avaz is an 'artificial voice', and the most effective tool for communication development in children with special needs.

Avaz (India Edition) is now available as an app for the iPad on the App Store. This app marks the culmination of 4 years of research involving hundreds of persons from the community - including therapists, special educators, schools, parents, children etc. from India, the USA and Denmark. The US version of Avaz was launched recently and has been very well received by therapists and educators there, with an average 5-star rating

What sets Avaz apart from similar apps available on the app store, is that the Indian Edition of Avaz is culturally appropriate for India - in terms of food, festivals, clothes, greetings, currency, etc. It is the only solution of its kind for the Indian community. The price of the app is Rs.7,500, an affordable option compared to therapy and other speech generating devices. As an introductory offer during this festive season, we are making the Avaz App available at Rs.4,900 till November 30th.     
Contact: Anuradha N.Invention Labs,

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