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Friday, November 02, 2012

Venkat Rao: Award winner of RED DOT Design competition

Visakhapatnam is not the place one associates with award winning designers. So I asked the winner to tell about him, here is the story in his own words:

I had my schooling in the small town of Jamshedpur, Had to struggle my way into Design as Engineering seemed a safer bet to my parents. 
We as school kids rarely knew of design as profession and by the time I wanted to get into a Design Institution most of the colleges had finished their entrance exams. I saw an interview of Professor S.Balaram one of the founders of NID (National institute of design Ahmedabad) and came to know that he has started a design college in Coimbatore (DJ Academy of design). I cleared the entrance and joined. I was in the 2nd batch of the college and had 16 students in my batch! we had just 7 seniors! But I knew I was in the right place.
I finished my Industrial Design in DJAD and received my convocation letter from the inspirational CEO of Titan Ltd. Mr. Bhaskar Bhat. During My education in DJAD i won the 1st prize in IIT Chennai (For the design of a Car's dashboard- Aesthetics and safety)
I also was among the top few finalists at IIT Kanpur (For Design of a intercity Bus) and won other small awards.
My designs are mostly functional, Innovative and Inclusive in nature, I believe there is always a smarter way!
Life around us is getting more and more complicated, by designing simpler and smarter products we can simplify it a bit.
Innovation in the Indian industry is the only formula for sustainable success.
During my 2nd year in college I designed a needle that can be easily threaded and made a working prototype. To my surprise that same year someone won a RED DOT DESIGN award for a very similar concept from Korea. I was young and felt really bad, but my professor Mr. S.Balaram said don't be disappointed but know that even your designs can win such awards one day. And It took me 4 years and I won it this year with my design " Half dose" It took lot of hard work and determination.
I worked in Icarus Design studios and developed a Low cost solar water heater. I then moved on and was consulting companies in various interface related products. I also worked for a furniture company for a while in Bangalore.
Now I am in Visakhapatnam my Native place and am developing some Lights for Hotels.
You can check out my works at the below links:

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