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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Impact of technology import on R&D

Liberalisation of foreign technology import policy in the 1990s has generated a general concern on how high-technology Indian industries have performed in acquiring and strengthening their technological capabilities during the reform period 1991-2001. Read the draft paper of Authors: Pradhan, J.P.; Puttaswamaiah, S.Produced by: Gujarat Institute of Development Research (GIDR), India (2005) Available online at:
The research reveals many interesting facts about the nature and character of technology accumulation in Indian manufacturing of which:
liberalisation of technology import policy does not have any adverse impact on in-house R&D activity in Indian manufacturing vis-a-vis foreign disembodied technology import
the large chunk of technological activity is confined to a small set of industries either in terms of R&D, import of disembodied technology or investment in foreign and domestic capital goods
the investment of Indian manufacturing in accumulating capital goods, foreign as well as domestic, has seen dramatic decline in the 1990s.
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