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Monday, November 07, 2005


Emerging sector in Indian IT space is called outsourcing of Offshore Product Development (OPD). The companies engaged in this space not only develop products for biggies like Microsoft, Oracles, IBM, Siemens or Sharp, they also take up the responsibility of all aspects of the software product life cycle starting from research and development, prototyping, testing, maintenance, support and sometimes give valuable suggestions to their overseas clients about what should be the next version of a product and what the market demands by becoming partners in their business discussion. Their strength is the credibility of the Indian OPD companies in delivering high-end products while at the same time maintaining the safety and security of the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) overseas. Indian players in the OPD space are Symphony Services, Persistent Systems, Aditi Technologies, Aspire Systems, Aztec and BrickRed.
(, November 7, 2005)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece. What's more interesting is that you've not mentioned one of the most innovative and well known OPD firms in India called Induslogic. Based in the US, they have a dev centre in NOIDA, near Delhi and definitely merit a mention among industry players, some of which are smaller in terms of revenue!

India Invents said...

Thanks. This gives me an opportunity to update my database. Yes, IndusLogic is going great guns. See their web page and do not miss Puneet Gupta's white paper -free download from the site.

Aliena said...

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