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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ten promising startt-ups from Business Today

Business Today (April 2007 edition) carried profiles ten start-ups.
24X7 Learning solutions - e-learning, -funding KITVEN and Anil Garg(angel investor-ex CTO, Sony)
Adventity -KPO, funding NVP
Drishtee Development & Communication Limited- ICT in rural India-Funding Acumen search engine-funding Sequoia
JiGrahak-M Commerce-funding Hellion Ventures
Asia Cryo-Cell - card blood-funding PS Pai(angel Wipro)
Nautanki.TV-online TV
Onyomo-P2A-funding Shailesh Mehta
Seventymm-movie rental-DFJ
UFO Moviez-digital cinema-3i


Anonymous said...

hey Mr Rao,'e website is ... well and not the blogspot that you have linked to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rao,
You have mentioned Mr. Anil Garg behind this venture, as ex-CTO Sony. That is another person!!

priya said...

This is so STUPID~~~i hav an inside scoop on this this firm~~~the story is my friend runs a internet consulting firm and he recruited a girl for the girl was pregnant
and the guys of knew that she was pregnant. Till 3 months they made the girl work~~~every thing was going perfectly fine...but when it came to pay my friend
(who actually recruited her) they said that we are firing that girl since she is very inefficient(when she actually wasnt). They didnt pay my friend a single penny. Such a thing is totally unacceptable.
So the owners of if you cant pay your bills better close down the company ~~~and bloggers better stick too GOOGLE ADSENSE~~~this company wont pay you a single penny.

Vicky said...

Here is another music search engine from india