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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cool India-Clean India

It is the slogan of inventor JJ Singh, retired Lt.Col who developed Surya Kiran, a methodology for affordable cooling of homes, whose business plan was prepared by ISB. The methodology is based on using Nylon mesh of 80-20 black-green color mix (commonly used in greenhouses) to be installed in windows around the house and coating of lime mixed with adhesive to be applied on the roof. The mesh acts as a black body which absorbs the radiation and lime acts as a white body which reflects the radiation from the roof top. Appropriate positioning of the above materials in the house aligned with sun’s movement from East to West creates a Heat sink effect which leads to an ambient temperature of 26-28 degree Celsius inside the house with 30-40% relative humidity against the prevailing outside temperature of 38-40 degree Celsius and 10-20% humidity. This dust and temperature control system based on environment friendly material can lead to 40-50% savings in electricity consumption and bring down the dust level in the house significantly. With a initial investment of Rs.3000/- and a repeated annual cost of Rs.200/- of replacing the lime coating, this methodology is a low cost solution to create a “Cool India and Clean India”. This unique methodology has been granted a copyright and patent by the Government of India. (L – 24914 /2005, DT 8-9-2005).

The inventor is looking for partners to propagate this method. Contact JJ Singh at

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