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Monday, October 01, 2007

Life Line to Business (LL2B)

Kris Dev got an opportunity to demonstrate his project` biometric tracking of beneficiaries' in Rural India - in Kurkuri and Dhuparchak Musahari, most under developed, in Gonpura Panchayat, Phulwarisharif Block of Patna district. The proof of concept was done among 170 men and women who are registered beneficiaries and having NREGP Cards with photographs. The registration and verification was done using different optical biometric devices. Read his story in his blog.

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KrisDev said...

Thanks Dr. Rao.

Successful implementation of NREGP for poverty alleviation is essential.

There was news item y'day: "PM's prescription for success of NREGP" address to the Indian Language Newspaper Association. He has said: "Leakages and administrative inadequacies" should be plugged for the success of NREGP which is extended to the entire country.

From our recent exercises, It is observed that the Mukhia / Pradhan (Village Head) was the one who practically controls the entire NREGP operations in the village. It was left to him to grant or deny employment. The Mukhia or her husband (if a lady), wielded all power in the village.

Many women complained, they were not issued NREGP Cards nor granted employment. Most cards were held by the Mukhia. He filled up the attendance as he pleased and collected payments. The government had no sytems in place to check all these. This lead to corruption.

e-Muster for NREGP was recommended as a solution, where the entire NREGP activity was tractable on line from the village level to the national level using e-Administration , e-Platform for e-Governance, for transparency and accountability.

Unique identification of beneficiaries, tracking the employment given and payments made through issue of Biometric Smart Card (BSC), linked to the NREGP Account with the Post Office could be the ultimate solution. It should be usable as a Debit Card for making any purchases anywhere. There should be no charge for using the Card as the money would remain in the Government coffers. There should be no cash transaction, to avoid corruption.

NREGP should be used effectively by the community to create assets for a sustainable living in the long term. It should be mandatory for every village to create assets such as water conservation, protection against flood and famine, road communication, etc. It should be left to Gram Sabha to take the support of local Civil Society organizations in the implementation of NREGP and pay a service fee again through Biometric Smart Card.

The Rural Development Department of Govt. of Bihar had recently successfully carried out a Proof of Concept for creating e-Muster for NREGP, to streamline the working of NREGP and plug the leakages in the system (

Proper NREGP implementation and Social Audit needs to be institutionalized across the length and breadth of India, if we have to "soften the harsh edges of poverty" as stated by our PM. Every activity concerning NREGP must be online for ensuring total transparency and accountability.