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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Innovation for India awards 2008

Marico Innovation foundation presented awards on 19th, the winners are:
MICO- Bosch India , confined to most of the period, for local adaptation of products developed in Germany, got a new lease of life when they took up the challenge of developing single cylinder PF pump to deliver fuel at 1600 bar pressure. What was originally conceived as low cost option to Indian firms required to migrate to Common Rail system to meet Euro 4 norm was actually adopted by Deutz group , sold over 160000 units in 2007 and transformed the Indian team from adopters to developers.
Kirolskar brothers got the award for designing pumping system for Sardar Saovar project involving pumping 70000 cu.m per hour to a height of 72 mt. They achieved this engineering feat by successfully redesigning concrete volute pumps .
Titan proved they are smarter than Swiss in watch design by developing the slimmest water resistant watch in the world, as thin as floppy disc edge 3.5mm.
Maharani paints converted waste into wealth by developing process to convert paint sludge into primer.
A historically old innovation, treadle pump , generally made of wood or metal has been redesigned by Bhinge Brothers with plastic for pumping both irrigation and drinking water.

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