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Monday, March 17, 2008

Light Logics-Holography people

Innovator P.T.Ajith has set up this high technology start-up Light Logics in Technopark, Trivendrum. In a short period, he managed to roll out a series of products: Security holograms, display holograms, hologram materials,readers , systems etc. He is now working on developing Holography Portrait Studio. A path to technology intensive ventures lighted by a researcher.

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shaji sam said...

Generally lenses and mirrors are applied as light concentrators. But these systems are heavy, costly and focus heat radiation also, on to the solar cell and elevated temperature due to the focusing of heat radiation drastically reduces the output of the cell. Fresnel lenses are also extensively used for concentrating solar radiation. This is having an advantage that it is fabricated on thin, lightweight substrate and of fairly good optical quality. But here also the unwanted heat radiation is concentrated on to the active element. Holographic diffractive elements have the advantages of being low cost, high diffraction efficiency, light weight and can be successfully used for solar light concentration.LIGHT LOGICS is in the path of this