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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alkaneutri- waste water treatment technology

Alkaneutri is one of the waste water treatment technologies available for transfer by IGIB, a constituent of CSIR labs. Alkaneutre, a novel product, is a consortium of bacteria for neutralization of alkaline waste-water. At present, the alkaline waste-water is neutralized with acid which is eco-unfriendly, expensive and hazardous. Also, the generation of sodium chloride, a product of acid treatment, further pose problems in biodegradation. The process developed by IGIB completely eliminates the use of chemicals and brings down the pH from 12.0 to 7.5 within a reasonable time. Tests carried out at Coca-Cola,Dasna plant had shown reduction of pH from 11.82 to 7.26.
This technology comes from researcher Dr(Mrs) Ritakumar, a prolific inventor with 59 patents to her credit by year 2007. Parties looking for technologies can contact, Dr Ritakumar ,

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