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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Dutch company Redeign Me founded by Maxim Schram announced a new program by which users of the site get paid for their input on new products.
How it works: product manufacturers pay RedesignMe to establish "RDM Challenges," through which a new product concept is presented and the site's 1,000 or so active members are asked to react to it. Beginning with an initial proposed concept, users are free to modify the current design or upload their own ideas, using any combination of comments, sketches, pictures, mood-boards, movies, prototypes or total redesigns. In exchange, they are rewarded with RDMs—RedesignMe's online currency, which is convertible into products in the online RDM Shop such as mp3-players, game consoles and gift cards. RDM Challenges can be open to all users or only a select few. Ideas generated on the site are then used as input by the manufacturer's R&D team or professional designers, who decide on the final concept. Ultimately, the companies hope, the result will be products that are better aligned with what consumers really want.
(source: Springwise newletter)
Any one planning to start similar program in India?

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