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Saturday, November 29, 2008

World's first back to back computer monitor from India

Innovator Dr Janardhana Reddy was among the cream of innovators present at Inventors of India workshop.Chennai-based innovators patented the X View, the world's first back-to-back computer monitor technology.The concept makes it possible for two or more users seated on either side of a notebook or desktop computer monitor to simultaneously view, share and digitally interact with the same content,including web content. X View is a collaborative effort, the idea for which came from a cardiothoracic surgeon -- Chennai-based Dr D Janardhana Reddy of Vijaya Heart Foundation -- and has been developed by technocrat-inventor L Narayan, managing director of Silicon Labs Pvt. Ltd. - a Chennai-based bio-medical engineering company and his team of engineers.
Read: CDRinfo, Hindu
Patent : WIPO

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