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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Avantel Limited

Avantel Limited, Hyderabad is promoted by Dr A.Vidyasagar, technocrat from IIT Kharagpur. The firm forged strategic relationship with ISRO and offers several wireless systems.
MSS Reporting terminals for ship to shore data communication through Indian satellites are configured through a PC based work station with a user friendly GUI. The architecture is scalable and flexible to take care of future requirements. The data communication is highly secure with interface to a range of applications for command and control. These terminals work on a wide beam near omni directional antenna and hence are operational without satellite tracking and stabilization.

To send short messages from ship to main land, these terminals are ideal solution. They are mounted on the ship and use INSAT MSS payload to communicate to the destination through HUB. User in the ship can send the text or GPS messages through serial port to the terminals. Terminals can be configured in aloha, TDMA mode and Auto GPS Mode.

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