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Saturday, February 14, 2009

International Conference for Open Source Computer aided Drug Discovery

On the occasion of its silver jubilee (19984-2009), Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH) Chandigarh, India is organizing an international conference on “Open Source for Computer Aided Drug Discovery” from 22-26th March 2009. The major goal of this conference is to bring all the peoples working in the field of drug discovery on a single platform in order to synchronize process of drug discovery. For details:


Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Here's a good blog you've got.

I was wondering sir if you could help us out in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

There's an article that may interest you, which is already quite substantial, but could do with some more information that you may be able to offer.

It's called "List of Indian inventions and discoveries", and can be found on the following URL:

I would be grateful if you can apply your knowledge by providing some insights into prominent Indian inventions / discoveries / innovations that may not be listed on the article.

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia with 2.7 million articles in English alone. According to Alexa rankings, Wikipedia is the 8th most visited website in the world (calculated in terms of traffic). Apart from that it is a non-profit venture.

If you're unfamiliar with editing Wikipedia, kindly leave a message on the discussions page and you will find sufficient assistance there from many editors including me myself.

I look forward to your presence there.

Good day!

Dr.A.S.Rao said...

Thanks for the link. I appreciate the work done by the editors. Reference to this blog can be included in the external links.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Dr. Rao for visiting the article. I appreciate it. Should you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to include them in the discussions page of the article. Anybody can edit on Wikipedia, and better still you don't need an account to edit. In any case creating an account is simple with no need for email verification and other tedious steps. It only takes under 1 minute to become a Wikipedian. I'm sure you'd make a great addition to Wikiproject India - a project dedicated to creating and improving India related articles. To date there are over 53,000 India related articles, which is something we can be proud of.

I would love to include your blog as an external link, but sadly Wikipedia has restrictions on linking to personal blogs (eg. Blogger). Such links will eventually get removed in due course. Because of this restriction, I cannot use this blog as a reference / citation in any part of the article. According to Wikipedia policies blogs do not constitute "reliable sources" and any material sourced from blogs can be challenged and removed at anytime. As such, the editors have endeavoured to only use "reliable sources" as a basis for all statements in the article, in accordance with Wikipedia policies, so that nothing gets deleted. Common reliable sources include books, journals and notable websites.

Dr. Rao, do you think there are any other unique Indian inventions / discoveries / innovations, in your knowledge, that we can include in the page?

Owing to your experience in this field, you may be able to inform us on anything we may have missed out.

It is our aim to expand the article and turn it into a featured article (featured articles will get a place on Wikipedia's main page), aiming to highlight India's contributions to the world.

Any inputs from you would be greatly appreciated.

I'm watching this blog, looking forward to your input.

Thanks again.

Dr.A.S.Rao said...
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Dr.A.S.Rao said...

Thank you.Hope to contribute to Wikiproject India soon.
I covered some innovations in Hall of Fame of Indian Innovators association. See

The list is neither complete nor upto date. Still might be of interest.

Anonymous said...

I did go through that list but found only the Simputer to be a "significant innovation / invention", and that's already been added to the list on Wikipedia. What's needed is a unique and significant innovation / invention / discovery, not one that is an offshoot of another. I'm sure you understand what I mean. I look forward to your contributions on Wikipedia. Your knowledge and wisdom would be of great value.