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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great Indian Developer Summit 2010‏

The 2010 edition of Great Indian Developer Summit features focused sessions, case studies, workshops and power panels .The GIDS.NET Conference scheduled on 20th April (IISc, Bangalore) will feature Cloud Computing, Rich RIA stories, Collaborative Development, The .NET Language treasure chest, Open Source .NET Alternants, Workhorse .NET and Web.NET.
The GIDS.Web Conference on 21st April will feature The Rich Web at Work, Web for Development, Browser as a Platform, RIAvolution, Rich Web Fundamentals, Rich Web stories from the trenches.
The GIDS.Java Conference on 22nd April will feature Cloud Computing, Frameworks, Architecture, Language, Tools & Techniques, Java & Open Source, Java Fresh - First look, Scaling Agility Barriers, DSLs in Action.


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