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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Techfest 2010

Attended two events `Energize' and `Utkarsh' each attended by 20 teams of innovators. Energy and water were the focus areas of majority of the teams and all of them could identify real problems that could be solved with technological innovations.
Some of the innovations nearer to the market are: Solar cooker with hot plate for controlled cooking, Bicycle with standard dynamo for charging mobiles, Clay pipes for slow release of water to plants, small size Groundnut Decorticator, Areca nut leaf plate making machine, Fodder cutter with battery charging, single bullock driven weed remover, Biomass briquettes, impoved chula etc. Many teams worked on modern framing with moisture sensors, humidity sensors, water level indicators and even a SCADA for large scale implementation. Algae production, wave convetor, lawn mover with a different cutting system are some at concept stage

All the teams have come from outside IIT& NIT stream, which indicates improving base of engineering education. For details contact , student coordinator:

Nishank Gupta,Manager, Events, Techfest 2009-10, IIT


SANTOSHA said...

is it only for NIT and IIT students or any engineering students can takepart ?

Niks said...