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Monday, September 06, 2010

ACM Challenge of Code 2010

ACM ( Association for Computing Machinery) Bangalore launches "Challenge of Code" which will celebrate and award innovative/ quality projects in the open source domain.
  • Organizations can submit ideas online at
  • Partcipating organization should assign a Project Manager to administer the project.
  • ACM Bangalore will notify the project manager of acceptance.
  • Selected organizations can create their projects on Intuit’s Brainstorm platform.
  • Individual developers and programmers than vote on the Intuit platform to work with a particular organization leading to the formation of teams.
  • If the organization finds the individual competent enough to work on the project then the organization invites the individual to work on the project and the participants are notified of acceptance.
  • Participants get familiar with the organizations they would be working with
  • Participants start working with the concerned organization on the official start date of the challenge
  • ACM Bangalore will provide the platform for the participants to work
  • Participants and organizations give midterm gate reviews and evaluations
  • Final work will be reviewed by the judges selected by ACM Bangalore team and the best entries will be awarded as determined in the sole discretion of the Judges. 

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