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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

BioGenesis-The Euro Indo Health cluster

Biocluster is to boost the development of the Life Sciences industry and to facilitate businesses between Universities, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies and other related entities by bringing them in a close proximity.This Biocluster is a Hyderabad-European venture and is launched with the name of “BioGenesis – The Indo-European Health Cluster”. The objectives of BioGenesis health cluster are:
  • To integrate and develop synergies between firms, laboratories, and training facilities setting up a network between interested organizations and develop partnership projects.
  • To develop new innovations in the health service.,
  • To enhance the visibility within the national health sector as well as international health and life sciences industry.
  • To accompany the development of business and increase employment opportunities nationally.
With these objectives in place, the participating members will have the following advantages:
  • Being a part of this Health Cluster, participating members will gain more visibility and become more noticeable in their respective business domain.
  • Members will be able to resolve their problems – technological as well as management – within the cluster.
  • Members will also gain from the knowledge transfer within the cluster.
  • Members will have a steady network with other members.
  • Members will not only gain visibility within the nation but will also become conspicuous internationally.
Apart from the above advantages, the cluster will also help members in:
  • renting office and lab space
  • financing
  • managment
  • marketing and legal affairs

Contact: Renaissance Innovation Center , #151, Motilal Nehru Nagar,
Begumpet, Hyderabad-500016,
T : + 91 40 4004 5868
F : + 91 40 4004 5869
E :

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