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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Technovation 2011 awards

There are awards for `Best electronic product of the year', `Start-up to watch', `Technovisionary' and `Technomentor'.Last date:15th November 2010.Apply on line:


Anil Gupta said...

It's a great opportunity to showcase innovation happening in India. Last year we got to see some very interesting products - from mosquito zappers to beautifully designed solar lanterns to solutions for rural financial inclusion to remote field tiller controller to IPTV boxes to contributions in VLSI design...and many more!!

It was a great platform for entrepreneurs and companies to show off their products and solutions. It became a launch pad for some of them to get noticed from outside India also.

Great platform ISA!! Hope it shows off even more such interesting creations this year...

Aparna said...

Deadline extended to 15 December 2010.