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Monday, March 07, 2011

Call For Inventors: The 2011 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge

The DiabetesMine, a web resource for diabetics, is calling for innovative solutions to better the lives of persons with diabetes in its 2011 DiabetesMine Design Challenge.

This is the third year of the Challenge, which calls for new devices, web applications, or other instruments designed to facilitate the daily challenges that persons with diabetes face.  These include special diets, limitations to exercise, insuring proper blood circulation, blood sugar 
testing, insulin shots, blood pressure

Ideas can come from patients, parents of diabetic children, design, medical, and engineering students or professionals, or anyone else with knowledge of the disease that can come up with an ingenious groundbreaking concept.
There will be three grand prize winners, each receiving $7,000 in cash plus, guidance and support from a variety of innovation and investment professionals.  Two other finalists, the Most Creative Idea, and the Best Kids Concept will be awarded $2,500 and $1,500 respectively.
Projects will be submitted online at the Diabetes Mine website and 10 finalists will be selected by open community voting.  Winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 29, 2011, at 11:59 pm Pacific time

For complete information about the Challenge, visit Diabetes Mine.
(source: Myra Per-Lee)

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