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Monday, March 21, 2011

Innoget Challenge: Ethernet Switch Hardware

University research group focused in Advance Ethernet Switching actively developping and promoting layer two protocols for campus enterprise and data center networks
CHALLENGE DESCRIPTIONBasic mechanism of ARP Path protocol operates as follows:
A broadcast Ethernet frame arrives at a port of a bridge, where its source address SA, if unkown to the bridge, gets associated to that port and this association remains locked (can not change) for some short time (i.e. 10 milliseconds). Frames with same source address SA arriving to other ports (thus arriving via a port that is not associated to SA address) are discarded.
It must be implemented in hardware and, whenever possible, be applicable to large Ethernet switches with ports located at multiple line boards, taking into account that many frames arrive simultaneously to all ports of the bridge.

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