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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Kit for conversion of fossil fuel vehicles into Hybrid vehicles.

The Finance Minister said:
`In response to the growing demand for green ventures, a technology has been developed indigeneoulsy for the conversion of fossil fuel vehicles into Hybrid vehicles through the fitment of a kit. I propose to reduce the excise duty on such kits and their parts from 10% to 5%.'

Can anyone share information on the indigenous technology that caught the eye of Finance Minister? 

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Dr.A.S.Rao said...

From KL Arora:
"There was a news item published in the DNA newspaper of 10th of February '11 regarding development of a plug-in kit by KPIT Cummins, in Pune, for quickly converting a fossil fuel vehicle into a hybrid vehicle as seen from the opening paragraph quoted therein: [Quote] "Revolo, the battery-powered technology that promises to transform a petrol-engined car into a hybrid one in just two hours, would be available in the country starting June this year."[Unquote] You may see this news item in full from the following link:

I feel it is probably this kit that the Finance Minister may have had in mind."