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Monday, September 26, 2011

Shree Cement in WEF New Sustainability Champions

With the aim to identify, understand and relay unconventional sustainability business practices, in May 2010 the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Global Growth Companies initiated the “Sustainability through Innovation” project.This report presents the project’s key findings from the in-depth research and interviews conducted with experts and chief executive officers of emerging market corporations. It showcases 16 companies designated “New Sustainability Champions” and highlights their unique practices that offer new approaches, not only for doing business in resource-constrained and population-stressed environments but, more importantly, for shaping a positive vision for future growth.

Shree Cement, established in 1985, is today among the five largest cement manufacturers in 
India, with a capacity of 14 million tons in eight plants and four grinding units. Revenues reached US$ 800 million in 2009.When it comes to energy use, the company has introduced an intelligent system that not only protects its operations against the power interruptions that are common in areas of operation, but also ensures a higher level of energy efficiency. It was the first cement company in the world to be certified EN 16001, which is designed to continuously monitor and document energy use, identify action targets, and provide the necessary resources and employee training. The company uses biomass in captive power plants. It also reuses bed ash waste, which contains unburned particles of carbon, as a fuel in the production of the clinker material for Portland cement.It became the first company in the cement industry worldwide to register “Optimal Utilization of Clinker” by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), resulting in 0.45 million certified emission reduction units.
Jain Irrigation and Suzler are other Indian firms in the list.

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