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Monday, August 11, 2014

CII Industrial Innovation Award

Do industries innovate? New technology ventures are the stars on the horizon but more patents, & innovations continue to originate from large established firms. Romanticizing juggad innovations , preoccupation with social innovation, inclusive innovation, frugal innovation etc clouded the picture , left many wondering about non-citation of programmed innovations from India in the media. Time to celebrate innovations brought into the market by in-house R&D units.
CII has taken the challenge of assessing industrial innovations both in manufacturing and services. CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2014 will analyze the impact of an innovation in the context of the example cited by an applicant. Answer to the following question will be looked for:
  • How did the innovation create a competitive advantage? What is the nature of the competitive advantage?
  • How did the innovation helped in growth?
  • Did the innovation help in increasing market share?
  • Does the innovation continue to improve financial performance?
  • Did the innovation enhance operational effectiveness?
  • Did the innovation help to significantly improve customer engagement?
  • Did the innovation transform the industry sector you are operating in?
  • Did the innovation change the way things are done in the industry?
  • How the innovation was developed and applied?
  • Do strong leadership and effective innovation management support your innovation pursuit?
  • Does the innovation enable a long-term advantage for the company and how?
  • Does the innovation enhance your intellectual property? How much and how long?
  • Does the innovation demonstrate thought leadership?
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