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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gartrner hype model to set Research priorities for catching up economies

In absolute terms India spends more on R&D than Australia, Finland, Israel and many other countries higher on Innovation score. One of the reason is the spend is distributed on larger portfolio with no synergistic relationship. Research and academic institutes take Government funds to work on start-of-art technologies, most of them are at the `Peak of Inflated Expectations' whereas Industry want technologies at `Plateau of  Productivity'.

Taking the 2014 Gartner Hype cycle chart, the sexy projects are Bio-computer interface, Smart robots, Data Science etc. Closed projects include projects on Mobile Health Monitoring, Machine to Machine communication, Big Data etc. And there is no technology for transfer in market  ready areas like Speech recognition, Consumer Telematics. It is not that no research was done in these areas, at the peak of inflated expectations many institutes worked on these projects and declared them as successfully completed. The missing link- no funds to commercial enterprises to develop the research results.

Let us hope the government funding to commercial enterprises for pilot plants, prototyping at pre-commercial stage would get a boost in the coming years.

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