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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Indian Innovator Sampath kumar seeks donation on Kickstarter for a research project in Mississippi state university aimed at improving water condition in lakes.

Nualgi is a patented nano-scale nutrient formula in the size range of 5-100 nanometers. At this scale, elements react differently with each other, remain suspended longer, disperse easily across the water column, and are therefore “bio-available” to marine organisms.The liquid additive contains 12 essential nutrients in a nano silica base that acts as a nutrient and a carrier. These nutrients are specifically chosen to stimulate diatom growth in the water column.
Diatoms (micro algae) produce 30-50% of food in aquatic ecosystems.
They release O2 and consume CO2, dramatically increasing dissolved oxygen levels. This helps aerobic bacteria break down organic matter (pollution) and Diatoms also happen to be the favorite food for Zooplankton. In turn Zooplankton are the primary food for fish, crustaceans, and other organisms. 
By boosting Diatoms, Nualgi empowers the natural food chain at the source!
The product and process was invented by Sampath Kumar in India and supported under TePP.

Now Nulgi America is planning to carry out experiments in Mississippi state university to review Nualgi’s safety and effectiveness at reducing water pollution to improve water conditions in a commercial aquaculture setting.
Donate today. 

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