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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Patent on ` “Digital Controlled Precise Dispensing Valve for Liquids under Gravity Flow”' with product tehnology from Satish Pathak available for license globally

Innovator Satish Pathak's patent “digital controlled precise dispensing valve for liquids under gravity flow” overcomes all limitations of today’s two-stage flow control technology giving following advantages:
1. Eliminates need of two-stage flow and need of two valves by using only one single valve.
2. The new concept of only one single maximum flow-rate and several dispensing packets of varied sizes stretches the range of liquid dispensing target quantities, making it highly versatile for small, medium and large quantities. Hence, it’s a substitute for 3 to 4 pairs of valves.
3. The smallest packet measures fraction of gram that becomes “Least-Count” of the valve, a all new property assigned to valve. This thrashes out concept of % accuracy, delivering any quantity in specified wide range at par with Least-Count! This further saves cumulative losses observed in % accuracy.
4. Less variety of valve sizes is required as one valve-type can handle varied viscosity materials.
5. The factors like maintaining header level are redundant as the new concept automatically compensates the changes in header level and ambient temperature too.
6. Made of SS316 and Teflon, makes it suitable for many industry sectors like Oil and Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Flavour & Fragrance, Paint & Resins, Polymer, Food & Beverages, Biotechnology, Textile, Ink, Dairy, Leather, Pesticides and many more. The applications can also be found in irrigation, animal farming etc.

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