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Monday, June 22, 2015

Intellectual property rights and firm performance in Europe: an economic analysis

This study was based on available observations of 132 277 firms. IPR owners’ is defined as firms that owned at least one patent, trade mark or design, or any combination thereof. The groups of ‘ Patent owners, ‘ Trade mark owners’ and ‘ Design owners’ are defined as firms that owned at least one of the particular IPRs. Since many firms owned combinations of the three IPRs, the owners of the various IPRs overlap. The dataset was constructed in such a way that of the companies examined, about half, or 63 288,have at least one patent, trade mark or design in their portfolio.
While the majority of SMEs in Europe do not own IPRs, those that do own IPRs have significantly higher revenue per employee. In the case of large companies, revenue per employee is 4 per cent higher for IP owners than for non-owners. Here the analysis shows that 4 out of 10 large companies in Europe own IPRs, but the association with higher

revenue per employee is less pronounced than in the case of SMEs.

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