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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The State of Innovation 2015-Thompson Reuters

Some interesting aspects:

1. Aerospace & Defence- China makes to the top five innovators with Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation
Industry Group Corp. LTD, Top place in Asia for space technology innovators is taken by Korea, Korea Aerospace Research Institute with 147 inventions.
2. Three Chinese institutes figure in top 5 of Biotechnology Innovators, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangnan University, Zhejiang University.
3. University of Sao Paulo, Brazil is the most prolific innovator in personal care.
4. All the top five Innovators in Food, Tobacco & Beverage Fermentation are from China.
5.China shares the honours with Japan and Korea in the list of top five innovators in home appliances.
6. There is lot of patenting in IT, mostly in computing, with China trailing USA closely. Technical University Czestochowa, Poland out performs others in research papers citation.
7. Japan leads medical devices, Covidien from Ireland also makes it to the top.
8. China, USA and Switzerland figure in top five of pharmaceutical.
9. South Korea leads in Semiconductor materials and process innovators. And also in mobile telephony.

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