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Thursday, June 25, 2015

PCT Applications 2015 and India

Some interesting bits from the report.:

  • Applications filed in 2014-214,500. National phase entries in 2013-565,500/-
  • Two of the top three applicants were located in China. With 3,442 applications published, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. of China became the top PCT applicant. For the first time, over 10% of the top 50 PCT applicants were from China.
  • Computer technology became the field with the highest number of PCT applications published (17,653) in 2014. It was followed by digital communication (16,165) and electrical machinery (15,220). Relative Specialization Index for India is highest in Pharmaceuticals.
  • Philips, Netherlands top the list of 50 PCT applicants (1995-2014).
  • From India, 1394 PCT applications were filed in 2014,little lower than Israel and higher than Singapore. China filed over 25,000/-
  • PCT applications as a share of resident applications for India was 0.13 implying that only 13% of those that filed for patents in India in 2013 filed for PCT in 2014. Israel, Singapore have conversion more than one reflecting numerous PCT applications with no prior residence filing.
  • Share of independent innovators is significant for middle income countries with Russia and South Africa leading in this classification.
  • Share of PCT applications with foreign co-applicant is relatively higher for India compared to China.
  • National Phase entries in India were 27,592 in 2013, higher than Brazil, Russia, South Africa.  Approximately 30% (1,176) of all NPEs originating in India were destined for the USPTO with 452 heading towards Europe.


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