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Monday, July 20, 2015

Startup TRUPIK offers patented technology that changes the way persons select dress in Malls.

How many dresses one can take to trial room to check fit & feel? 
TRUPIK patented an advanced technology that makes shopping personalized. The 3 step  process is:
1. A simple, fully clothed, non-intrusive scan creates your very own personalized mannequin (complete in every detail) along with a safe and secure profile – all in under a minute. 
2.Once you’ve completed the scan and created a profile, all you need to do before you start shopping is to download the Indian Terrain App or other merchandise powered by Trupik.
3.You can try on different garments by draping them on to your mannequin, see styles from beyond what the store has to offer, get recommendations and offers based on your preferences, share your choices with friends and family for feedback and place orders – all through the app.

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