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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stockholm International Inventors’ Congress and Conference

Inventors and innovators from 112 IFIA members will hold the world's international congress and conference on August 25th to 26th in StockholmThe global organization IFIA - The International Federation of Inventors Associations has commissioned STIK - Stockholm Innovators Association and SUF – the Swedish Inventors' Association to organize and arrange both IFIA’s International Congress of innovation and conference.
The event is arranged in cooperation with the Stockholm International Fairs, where both the international conference and the congress will be held over two days.
The main focus of conference is on some leading issues including "the importance of interaction", "IP management and implementation" as well as "innovation". Topics for the IFIA Congress will be disclosed later.

Please visit for registering.
Indian Innovators can contact Indian Innovators Association.

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