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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

China’s 15 Year Science and Technology Plan

China’s “National Medium- and Long-Term Program for Scientific and Technological Development” (2006-2020) is more commonly known as the 15 Year Plan for Science and Technology. President Hu Jintao, supported by scientific leaders in the Chinese government, introduced the plan in January 2006. Its ultimate goal is to make China a preeminent power in science and technology by expanding its capacity to create “indigenous innovation.” Annual investment - over $100 billion. “indigenous innovation" means “independent, self-reliant, and indigenous” and combining three distinct elements: yuanshi (original, or genuinely new); jicheng (integrated, or combining existing technologies in new ways); and yinjin (assimilated, or making improvements to imported technologies). Americans are concerned and American Electronics Association has come with this report.

Any concern in our country?

1 comment:

Dhananjay said...

Till the babus control the fate of education, including higher education in India, dont even dream of getting anywhere. Whatever progress happens, will be inspite of them.

You cite China's 15 year plan, in contrast, we only have 5 year plans; so much for the foresight.