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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Researh paper by school children

A research paper `Theoretical optimisation of constitution of alloys by decoding their densities' was published in `Materials letters' 61, 2007(2956-2960). What is remarkable about it- authors are students- not IIT - from S.S. Children’s Academy, Moradabad (Ms. Pratibha, student of Class XII and Ms. Bharati, Student of Class X). They have overcome several hurdles, skepticism is the main one, but perseverance of their mentor Dr BC Rathore paid off in the end. Source of inspiration for the school children- Hon.President of India, he made BIS to consider it as a test method.
The proposed Model successfully generates two different series of probable compositions for a given density of alloys. The model may be employed to optimise constitution of multi-component alloy even without the prior knowledge of constituent metal.

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