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Monday, May 07, 2007

Multipurpose National Identity Cards (MNIC)

One of the major initiatives of government that created opportunities for local manufacturing is MNIC proposal.The main purpose of this project is to provide a credible individual identification system and simultaneous use for several multifarious socio-economic benefits and transactions within and outside the Government. This would form the basis of more efficient e-Governance. The system envisages preparation of a computerized National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC), providing a unique National Identity Number (NIN) to each citizen of the country and issue of identity cards. The NRIC would be continuously updated by linking it to the registration of births and deaths carried out under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969.
The Government has decided to conduct a pilot for the MNIC Project in selected areas of 13 districts in thirteen states/union territories in the country. ECIL is setting up a dedicated facility to manufacture MNIC at Tirupath.


Anand Anupam said...

Does the GoI also has plans for a unique health identifier? Our initiative in the consumer healthcare domain is geared towards that itself...

KrisDev said...

Kudos to the Chief Election Commissioner for mooting the idea of Multi-Purpose National Identity card to overcome problems related to finalisation of electoral rolls for 670 million voters.

The Election Commission is waiting for the Central Government's approval to expand the Multi-Purpose Identity Card Pilot Project in about a dozen "talukas". The CEC said the Identity Cards given to the beneficiaries under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (NREGP) would be adopted for the voters' list. For the present, electoral rolls with photographs of voters would be finalised in all the States by 2009.

Recently Mr. Nandan Nilekani had suggested issue of National Identification Number to every citizen, as the need of the hour, help overcome delays in bureaucratic procedures and eliminate corruption.

He said that one of the important achievements of information technology was transparency in governance. "The IT Sector has helped us improve the living standards of millions of people across the country. Technology has improved productivity and reduced corruption. But some of the major information technology projects are confined to certain areas in the country. We should be able to replicate and duplicate them all over the country", he said.

Multi-Purpose Biometric Smart Cards-cum-Bank Debit Cards as National ID Cards is the solution for most of the ills faced by present day India. Would the Election Commission, Census Commissioner, Dept. of Personnel and Public Grievances, Dept. of Finance, Reserve bank of India, Dept. of Rural Development, Dept. of Child and Family Welfare, Dept. of Social Welfare, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Housing, Dept. of Tribal Welfare, etc. join forces to create a unique Citizen ID for every citizen using Biometric (finger print / palm vein / iris) Smart Cards-cum-Bank Debit Cards?

Kris Dev, ICT & e-Gov consultant.

Manthan Awardee 2006 for creating India's best e-Content for e-Inclusion & Livelihood creation for Biometric Tracking of Payments to beneficiaries under NREGP.

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Amarendra Jha said...

Considering several issues I feel Assigning every Citizen of India one MOBILE NO to be activated in phases and supported by the Govt,Mobile Operators,Corporates Social Welfare obligation for INCLUSIVE GROWTH will be proper and best to replace present Biometric Multipurpose ID.Each citizen has right to get ID and INFORMATION Access TOO.The allotment of phones as JOINT FAMILY PACK OF 10 Phones,the revenue of which will be considered collectively for life continuity will serve many purposes with minimum cost as the records keeping will not be duplicated and every person/family will keep Card/set secured.With value added services any citizen can check the benefits that the govt gives through sms etc.IT WILL reduce corruption and bring transparency.It will be possible due to govts decision to introduce PORTABALITY OF Number.If necessart changes in numbering should be done to facilitate.

Yash said...

Amarendra's idea is pretty good..but it cant replace the biometric card..Maybe it can be implemented in addition to the biometric card..