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Sunday, December 19, 2010

BubleBee Radar from Samraksh

The Samraksh Company was founded by Dr. Anish Arora and Dr. Kenneth W. Parker in 2005.The BumbleBee, a low-power, mote-scale Pulsed Doppler Radar sensor board, is The Samraksh Company's first offering in a suite of Wireless Sensor Network products.The BumbleBee Radar enables a number of low-power, wireless sensor network applications including simple motion detection, robust intrusion detection using velocity estimation, velocity-based motion tracking and vibration monitoring.

Graduate students are invited to submit their idea for an application of BumbleBee Radar. Ideas will be screened by two distinguished experts, Akos Ledeczi and Ted Herman to establish a minimum standard. Ideas meeting the minimum standard will be posted and evaluated by the crowd. If the idea is accepted the students will get a  BumbleBee Radar free.

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