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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Easy access to IP at University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow has launched its "Easy Access IP" project through which entrepreneurs can get free licenses to university patents, software and reports, and through which faculty will conduct free consulting -- the only requirement is that recipients have to acknowledge that the university was the source of the technical knowledge and inventions.

SightSim is one such a technology on offer.Children with visual impairment don’t complain of poor vision because they don’t know what they can’t see. SightSim has been developed to help make their world a more visible place. Developed by NHS clinicians at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow in collaboration with scientists at the University of Glasgow, SightSim is a unique tool designed for those caring visually-impaired children. The software uses the child’s measurement of vision – acuity and constrast sensitivity – to degrade images to match the child’s vision. SightSim can be used at the doctor’s clinic, schools and at home to show you what the child is seeing, allowing parents and carers to then make sure all the important things in life – text, faces, route-markers, pictures – are big or bright or close enough for the child to see.

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