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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Carbon Capture and Newtralisation (CCN) technologies from Cuycha

Cuyha Innovation Oy was founded in 2004 by renowned nuclear physicist Matti Nurmia to manage and develop his inventions. Most of Dr. Nurmia’s inventions relate to energy production and environmental issues.Dr. Nurmia’s most notable invention is the neutralization of CO2 backed by several patents.The firm is looking for partners for joint development and commercialisations. Technologically these projects can be divided into eight categories.

  1. CCN-Project: carbon capture & neutralization.
  2. Oxygen-Project: oxygen-enriched-air production.
  3. CHP-Project: better power-& CHP-plant efficiency.
  4. WindTurbine-Project: a more efficient and higher wattage design.
  5. Generator-Project:  a variable generator eradicating the need for a transmission.
  6. Desalination-Project: the production of drinking water from sea water.
  7. Snow/Water-Cannon-Project: a high-volume howitzer for water or snow.
    • Paper-machine innovations.
    • Electricity from tidal-power
    • Electric cars and lithium production.
    • "ThinkTank"-projects.

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