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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Creative Minds- Innovators cooperative in A.P

After waiting for a very long period for investors and business partners, the grass root innovators of A.P realised that self help is the best help. They grouped together with mentor J.Gurgaprasad and formed a cooperative 'Creative Minds' to market their innovations. The innovators work as innovators, producers and marketing wizards. Typical is case of innovator Linga Bhamam, innovator of Iron running on LPG. 

Linga Brahmam (28) is a non matriculate in a small village in Warangal dist. His family lived on making brass vessels. Due to the advent of Plastic, their need in the villages had drastically reduced and they had no other skills to earn living. Brahma is creative and always wanted to do something in life. He once saw a tailor using an electric iron being heated on a gas stove in the village and using it for ironing of clothes as most of the time in the villages power supply was not available. Brahmam thought of combining the gas and the iron and after a year developed an alloy which burns and becomes red hot in a very short time once the gas flames surround it. He made a 8.5 kg iron for washermen operated by LPG. This was a very user friendly, cheaper and least cumbersome solution to the washermen over the present electric or coal based iron. 10gms of gas is sufficient for one hour of continuous ironing.

Contact: Creative Minds, 1-1-336/64, vivek nagar colony, Chikkadapally, Hyderabad 500 002

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