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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Redpine Signals is a Silicon Valley based wireless systems company with a development center at Hyderabad. Focusing on high end wireless technology from day one, the company began with development of wireless LAN systems, and started licensing its IP to a select few semiconductor companies (who were selling several 100 million mobile chips per year) who would use it in their product or SoC as a wireless interface. This enabled Redpine to continue making R&D investment in advanced wireless technology developments in other wireless technologies like Mobile WiMAX and also enabled it to create its flagship 802.11n low power chip in late 2007. The product — a chipset based on the new wireless standard 802.11n targeted at high throughput applications. One of the means of doing achieving this efficiency was MIMO (multiple input/multiple output), a way of doubling or tripling the capacity of a given piece of spectrum. 802.11n MIMO modes use 2 or more antennas, while portable devices like mobile, MP3, notepad and other devices can not have more than one antenna - but would still like to take the benefit of 802.11n. Redpine was the first to see the potential in single antenna 11n and in 2008 it got its product certified for Wi-Fi 11n, one of the first in the industry to get certified for single stream 11n.
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