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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CTNS- validation of Functional Foods

Functional foods are defined  as foods and food components that provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition (for the intended population). Examples may include conventional foods; fortified, enriched or enhanced foods; and dietary supplements. These substances provide essential nutrients often beyond quantities necessary for normal maintenance, growth, and development, and/or other biologically active components that impart health benefits or desirable physiological effects. 

Recognizing the tremendous health benefits offered by functional foods, the Institute of Food Technologists commissioned an expert panel to review the available scientific literature related to functional food development. The panel’s report is divided into nine sections: Definitions, Introduction, Food and Genes, Current Legal Standards, Scientific Standards, Policy Limitations, Bringing Functional Foods to Market, Role of Research, and Conclusions. Copies of the report are available at

Technological Centre for Nutrition and Health (CTNS), Spain offers services such as, validation of functional foods, from selecting the most appropriate ingredient to evaluating the biological efficacy of the functional food, complying with European Regulation 1924/2006.

The market for Nutraceutical exports  to US and Europe is estimated at $75 billion by 2013.

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CTNS said...

The CTNS provides the food industry with technological and scientific services in all aspects of food consumption and health. Particular emphasis is given to the field of functional foods, products that reduce or prevent risk factors for some pathologies and which therefore affect our health.

The CTNS works in the areas of technical assistance, the development of RDI projects and technological services for the food sector. These services include ensuring food safety by complying with current regulations and validating the efficacy of functional foods from the moment of design to the human intervention studies. All the services are provided to ensure that the nutritional or health claims comply with EU regulations and are comprehensible to consumers.