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Thursday, August 19, 2010

CABTOP innovator looking for investors and business partners

The name CABTOP means “Cabinet on Top”. The CABTOP’s cabinet is modified version of the existing PC Cabinets. It is also called PC in suitcase.Some of the advantages of CABTOP are:
• Easy to Clean,
• Inbuilt Monitor,
• Self locking system,
• Unique design in PCs,
• Easy to Carry / Transport,
• Easy to Position or Storage,
• Easy to move while switch on,
• As single Unit PC like All-in-One PC,
• No Need of separate customized furniture,
• Easy to Handle on Floor / Bed / Sopha / Chair / Table,
• Value for money (More features with the Desktop price),
• Inbuilt indusial SMPS systems for the System and Monitor,
• Conversion of the existing any types of Desktop PCs to CABTOP,
• Inbuilt air cooling technology for the processor and SMPS,
• Inbuilt speakers for the System’s Audio, TV Audio, DTH Audio & S-Video

Interested? Contact: Bhragavi ,

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