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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dr Shantaram Kane offers technology to prepare low cost Herbal formulations

Dr Shantaram Kane is a Chemical Engineer (B.Tech.-IITBombay, Sc.D. - MIT-USA) and has come up with an innovation backed by two Indian Process Patents which reduces the daily dose requirement of any natural product by a factor of 100 to 1000. The process is a simple kitchen technology and consists of chopping the herbs, mixing them with water and sesame oil and cooking to boil off water. The mass is then filtered to get the super-active oil extract. He made such extracts from more than 100 herbs and other biomass. These oils have been successfully tested in over 1000 volunteers for a wide variety of ailments including G.I. Tract problems, Lipid lowering, Insulin dose lowering, joint inflammations, skin inflammations and neurological systems. The average annual herbal requirement for a person will be just 30 gm per year. A small kitchen can easily make in one year 1500 kg of super-active oil containing 150 kg of starting herbal material. This will be sufficient to provide complete annual requirements of 5000 persons.
            Dr Kane now wish to make this invention available to millions of people. Interested- See:

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