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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flight data recorder (FDR)

MADHAN GANESAN, working as Avionics Mechanic in Middle East has this idea:
In all existing FDR models, we can see a ULB- UNDER WATER LOCATOR BEACON, which helps for finding the FDR when aircraft crashes over water. If flight crashes over land this will do nothing unless there is water on top the ULB. By adding the G-Switch with the ULB, we can solve this problem. Emergency locator transmitters in the aircrafts works in this principle. G-Switch trigger the radio signal as soon as aircraft gone into the high impact. There is no doubt, finding FDR will become easier if the FDR manufacturer install this new type ULB, i.e. G-ULB.
Madhan is making his idea open for exploitation by anyone interested. Contact him

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