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Friday, October 29, 2010

Grand Challenges Explorations

Want to create Low-Cost Cell Phone Based Applications for Priority Health Conditions?
Apply for Grand Challenges Explorations grant. Applications for Round 6 will be accepted until November 2, 2010
A few of the many specific examples to be considered include:
•  Novel and innovative ideas that utilize cell phones and payment systems to create incentives for sustainable global health interventions;
•  Novel cell phone-based solutions for high-impact data collections from previously-unreachable or unavailable populations in the developing world;
• Medical diagnostics that uniquely leverage cell-phone and adhere to the ASSURED criteria: Affordable by those at risk, Sensitive, Specific, User-friendly (simple to perform with minimal training), Rapid and Robust, Equipment-free or minimal equipment, and Delivered to those who need it.
•   Innovative solutions that improve distribution systems and data collection for global health interventions, such as vaccination and drug delivery; 
• High impact and innovative patient and data management applications for health workers or decision-makers that provide very large improvements over the current systems, or provide previously unavailable capabilities;
• Information and decision tools that target key populations and uniquely leverage cell-phone technologies.

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