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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Siemens Ecovatives Awards 2010

Siemens and are instituting a hunt for India’s EcovativesTM – initiatives by Organizations who are combining protection to environment, reducing harmful effects to the environment with innovations to create leadership positions. These could range from the use of green energy to ecological protection, from lowering pollution to recycling of resources, and more.Last date 25th October. Only Large and Medium scale industries are eligible to participate. Contact person: Tanushree Rana 9920161186
Award Categories  
EcovativesTM Responsible
  Initiative to reduce harmful emission of toxic waste, effluents, bio-medical waste,
harmful gas etc. in:
  Air OR
  Water OR
EcovativesTM Low Energy
  Initiative to reduce usage of non-renewable sources of energy like
EcovativesTM Conservation
  Initiative to reduce wastage of (efficient usage of) natural resources
EcovativesTM Building
  Building (for business unit) contributing towards reduction in usage of water,
energy and generation of solid waste.
EcovativesTM Earth Care
  Initiative taken by a corporate for improving the ecosystem external to its regular
business and not with the interest of earning profit. 


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