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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Martin Innovations "Chair-A-Table" safe patient handling system

The  US Department of Justice and the Department of Health & Human Services recently released a joint report on medical care for individuals with mobility disabilities. The report stresses that examination of a dependent patient while in a wheelchair does not meet the standard of “equal medical services”. Martin Innovations has answered that call with technology that eliminates the manual aspect of the lift or transfer from wheelchair to exam table.
The Martin Chair-A-Table is manufactured in the United States. It has the industry’s highest weight capacity at 1,000 lbs, and carries a full warranty of 5 years. The Chair-A-Table is also perfect for everyday use as an exam table, with 8 points of power articulation including power lift, power backrest, power footrest. View more detailed information on the Martin Innovations Zero-Lift Patient Transfer System.

The product is available for sale and technology ready for license.

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